Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reading fun

WE love books. Mrs Smith is showing us a book  dinosaurs.

There is a lot to talk about!

All the Houses are ready for our great cross country races.

The girls are ready for the cross country race.

The boys are ready too.

Mr cooper showed us how to use a carpenters pencil to make a straight line.

The children  tried too.

We even had ago at the hammering. The hammer was heavy, but we got those nails in!

Keep on hammering!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Recent activiriesHi Everyone. Room 11 has been working like busy bees all this term. We have been so busy we forget to put things on our blog. BUT we do have some new photos for you.

We really enjoyed our play.
Our play was The Little Red Hen.Lindsay was the reader. Hadijah was the Little Red Hen. Cody was the Duck. Ethan was the Dog. Kania was the Pig. Do you like our masks?
Mrs McIntyre was a great help getting our play ready.

We are all proud of our medals we won when we  studied the Commonwealth games.
Here we are playing hockey. everyone loved learning new hockey skills
Room 11 loved Big Ted. He has gone on holiday now to mrs Dawson's house.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Toys at the museum

Here are the photos taken at the museum BEFORE Mrs Dawson's camera died. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Room 11's castle

Do you like our castle?
 The whole class made it. 
We thought about working together. 
We thought about sharing. 
We thought about taking turns.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Big Ted comes to Room11

Yesterday Big Ted took a ride in the boot of Mrs Dawson's car.
We were all surprised to see him.
He is so fluffy and cuddly and we all had a cuddle.
Do you like our photo?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

School uniforms are great

I like my uniform because I think the blue and black go together.
Mum and I bought it from the Postie Plus.
Kay Leigh
I went to Jaxon’s house.
I think my uniform looks good with the yellow stripes.
David said,” You look good.”
I have got my uniform on because I like the buttons on the uniform.
My uniform is nice and tidy. It is blue and black.
I like my uniform because it is snuggly. I like the colour blue.
I am dressed up in my uniform. It looks blue. My top has yellow stripes on it.
I have my uniform and I’m walking to school. Mum bought it from the Warehouse.
I like my school uniform. My Dad bought my uniform.
I went to the Warehouse with Mum. My uniform is blue.
I went to the Warehouse. I got the uniform.
I like my house and I really like it.
I went to Nana’s house and I played tecan 4.
I went to the Warehouse to buy my uniform. My Mum bought my uniform. I like my uniform because it is warm. It is comfy. My uniform is blue and black.
My Mum has bought my uniform because my mum knew I had to wear my uniform.
I went to the shop to get a uniform. I bought a uniform.
I got my uniform from a castle.
My Mum bought the uniform for me.
I got my Carlton School uniform from the Warehouse with my Mum. It looks blue and yellow.
I like my uniform because it is blue and yellow. I like to wear it to school with my sister. My Mum got my uniform for school for me.
I went the Warehouse to get my uniform  because  it is beautiful.